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Sun Angels - Cry (feat. Laura Clock & o F F Love)

Video by Rasmus Svensson

From theĀ Crying Without Wings EP

Sun Angels - Crying Without Wings EP

'Crying Without Wings' is the third and concluding chapter to Sun Angels' EP trilogy, which started with 'I'm Crying Everyone's Tears' (2011) and was preceded by 'S4TEP' (2012).
Where the former dealt with global deleveraging and dance music respectively, ‘CWW’ is about the supposed bursting of the ‘EDM’ bubble.

As the American infatuation with dance music culture has risen towards fever-pitch, so has concerns about the scene’s integrity and sustainability. By lovingly ransacking house music history - throwing in baltimore club breaks, bouncy 808s, samples of evergreens, euphoric riffs and sweeping strings - ‘Crying Without Wings’ acts as a reminder that although dance music has a long history of commercial boom and bust, it is essentially impervious to artistic bankruptcy.

The ‘EDM’ market may well crash, but dance music will remain, forever ready to catch you when you fall.

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